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  • What you'll learn inside Scheller University

    More than 80 videos with more coming daily!

    PLUS! For A Limited Time you'll receive access to our Time Management Tips & Tricks Course!

    Mindset of a Sales Champion - 5 Videos

    Develop the Mindset of a Sales Champion & propel your sales through the roof!

    The Secret Weapon of Sales - 4 Videos

    Find the secret weapon that sales superstars use every day to close more deals with less effort!

    Lead Generation - 17 Videos

    Learn how to generate unlimited leads for you and your business on systems to eliminate the stress and heavy-lifting of lead generation.

    Appointment Setting - 4 Videos

    There are more appointments available than you have time to run, are you able to set them all? Develop your appointment setting power with our proven structures!

    Building Trust & Rapport - 5 Videos

    People buy from people they like and trust. If your clients don't like you or don't trust you, they won't buy from you! Learn how to build trust & rapport effortlessly.

    Identifying Customer Needs - 5 Videos

    Can you properly identify the two types of needs that your prospect has? If you can't, you risk failing to make the sale, or losing it down the road.

    Share the Benefits - 4 Videos

    Your client doesn't buy features, but if you don't know how to share the benefits properly, they'll lose interest and you'll lose the sale!

    Closing The Sale - 3 Videos

    Deceptively simple with only 3 videos inside this module, closing the sale requires finesse & planning to execute properly repeatedly!

    Handling Objections- 8 Videos

    Objections are part of the sales process and if you aren't ready to handle them when they arise, you will lose sales repeatedly to your competition.

    Follow Up - 9 Videos

    There are two pieces of the sales process that should require little to no interference from you, this is one of them! Follow up with your clients indefinitely, without drowning in busy-work!

    Goal Setting - 6 Videos

    Our critically acclaimed Goal Setting course is designed to help you develop as a person, and as a sales person to give you a well-rounded life that supports the sales superstar.

    Advanced Selling - 4 Videos

    Advanced selling techniques that don't fit into the box of a specific section of the sales process but are just as important for the sales champion to know & use!


    Time Management Tips & Tricks - 14 Videos

    By choosing access to Scheller University for a limited time we are including access to our $299 Time Management Tips & Tricks Course!

    A living, breathing course full of 2-5 minute recordings with the best time management tricks we know!

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    Attended 48-Hours to Sales Success

    Attended 48-Hours to Sales Success

    Attended 48-Hours to Sales Success

    Attended 48-Hours to Sales Success

    Attended Sales Bootcamp

    Attended 48-Hours to Sales Success

    Attended 48-Hours to Sales Success

    Attended 48-Hours to Sales Success

    Attended 48-Hours to Sales Success

    Attended Sales Bootcamp

    Attended 48-Hours to Sales Success

    Attended 48-Hours to Sales Success

    Attended 48-Hours to Sales Success

    Attended 48-Hours to Sales Success

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