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    Scheller Enterprises was founded with one purpose!

    Scheller Enterprises logo leading on the road to sales and business success

    To disrupt the way the world does business! 

    Integrity. Passion. The Indomitable Spirit.

    With a whole-hearted belief that small-medium sized businesses are the heart of our economy, and just as strong a frustration with seeing so many small businesses go out of business within months of opening, Stephanie launched Scheller Enterprises to give small-medium sized business owners a chance to compete against the major players of the business world and create a business as big or as small as they want it to be.


    Using a combination of proprietary tools for marketing & business structure, Scheller Enterprises takes everything Stephanie learned after working with 500+ businesses in five years to make your business successful through sales, marketing and systems delivered through coaching, training and the power of masterminds!

    Scheller Enterprises logo leading on the road to sales and business success

    Stephanie Scheller

    CEO | Head Trainer | Head Coach | Author

    Stephanie Scheller has taken the business world by storm.

    After three years working for corporate America she built a business from scratch in four short months to fully replace her corporate income and walked away to run Scheller Enterprises full-time.


    After designing & monitoring more than 350 marketing campaigns Stephanie realized that there was a missing key: Sales!

    Now she teaches businesses how to operate in the three keys to business success (sales, marketing, & systems) through front of the room sales training, published books, masterminds, and one-on-one coaching.


    With a passion for business owners and their struggles to keep our economy blossoming, Stephanie is dedicated to helping others find the same success for themselves.


    Learn more about Stephanie or book her as your speaker by visiting her personal site Here

    Scheller Enterprises logo leading on the road to sales and business success

    Anna Scheller

    COO | Sales Trainer | Coach | Author

    As the mother to our CEO, and the whole reason Stephanie got into sales training as profession, Anna likes to joke that Stephanie owes her entire life to her.

    It's true!


    Anna has been speaking from the front of the room for decades and launched her first company back in 2003. That company is still going today and Anna has come along-side Scheller Enterprises as the acting COO to coordinate execution.


    As Stephanie's second-in-command at Scheller Enterprise hosted seminars and with years of experience in sales training, Anna is passionate about helping business owners find their own success. She is thrilled to be part of the Scheller Enterprises team as the spear-header of the Black Belt Selling radio show and Stephanie's partner in crime!


    Learn more about Anna by checking out her personal site Here 

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