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    "In truth, experience teaches thoroughly yet her course of instruction devours men's years so the value of her lessons diminishes with the time necessary to acquire her special wisdom. The end finds it wasted on dead men."

    Og Mandino "The Greatest Salesmen in the World"


    Working with a Scheller Enterprises coach is by invitation only.

    Our coaches work closely with their clients and are as dedicated to their success as the client.
    Our coaches only work with those who are dedicated to taking action, done making excuses and ready to make a change in their business.

    The majority of our clients are business owners, but sales reps may be accepted on a case-by-case basis.


    Overcome the sales, marketing and systems struggles that are hindering your most vital resource: cash flow!

    Bring a powerful coach with a proven system on board to create the business you've been dreaming about!

    Sales coaching, business coaching and marketing coaching for success in business!


    Most often we know exactly what we need to do to produce results - we just have more exciting things to do!

    When everything comes down to it, we often only do what we are required to do. This is why some individuals do so well working for someone else, and struggle to build a successful business on their own.

    Stephanie knows - when she quit her full-time job in 2014 to run Scheller Enterprises full-time, she struggled too and only having a coach on her side to assign work & check-up on her weekly held her on track to keep building.

    I would rather lift someone up quote from business coach Stephanie Scheller

    Creative Solutions

    You live and breath your business and industry and it's difficult to see the most obvious solutions when you're that close.

    Sometimes all we need is an objective viewpoint not bogged down by details in our specific industry to help us see the solutions right in front of us. Working with Scheller Enterprises coaches have allowed clients to regain 5-20 hours per week by implementing simple strategies to handle workload that are not industry standard and hadn't been considered by our clients.

    A letter from Stephanie about the Stay In Business Club

    A Proven System

    Increased sales requires better systems for delivery and if your systems can handle more, add marketing!

    Stephanie worked with almost 400 companies in her first three years in the business world to figure out that there are three major categories to running a successful business and when they are built in concert with each other, you can grow your business safely to whatever level you desire.

    Interested in an interview?

    In the body of the email, tell us who you are, what you do, and what you're hoping to accomplish with one-on-one business coaching!

    We'll match you with an available coach for a first-free session!

  • The STAY In Business Club

    Imagine how far you could go in your business if you brought in a six-figure business coach and the support of business owners from around the country who have lived through your struggles and discovered solutions!

    Imagine what you could do if you could do that for less than $2500/year?


    The STAY in Business Club offers what you need!

    This is a group-coaching program that provides:

    • Low monthly or annual fee!
    • Top of the line monthly coaching from a 6-figure coach!
    • Access to Scheller University & private videos just for the club!
    • Group support & accountability!

    You don't have to be alone anymore!

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